It’s early evening. The sun is low, its warm light softened by the forest canopy. The air is cool and clean. A soft breeze sighs through the leaves; it stirs the smell of woodsmoke and grilling with the jingle of ice in glasses and the laughter of children into the perfect summer cocktail...served fresh daily at the Hidden Water Lodge. Behind the Mountain Lodge a magnificent waterfall serenades the neighborhood, then cascades down through a lush rhododendron thicket.
A cluster of friends sits at Lookout Pavilion above the cool dark of the twin trout ponds. Their easy conversation might just go on till after dark.

A small group breaks away, and heads up a trail to watch the sun set over the Black Mountains. Then the stars come out, the frogs and crickets pick up the conversation, and The Cove at Celo Mountain wraps up another perfect day.